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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 12, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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showing prime suspect gary giordno right after robyn gardner yob -- robyn gardner's disappearance. we'll show you how the mayoral race is taking shape and jacqueline kennedy's own words. tonight, some new surveillance video has been released showing what may have been some of robyn gardner's last moments. she's been missing for more than a month and now is experts are reviewing the video examining prime suspect's gary giordno's behavior. >> reporter: gary giordno is being detained in aruba. police hope to keep him in custody until a case can be built against him. in this surveillance video, they learned days after robyn gardner
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vanished, she and her companion gary giordno had been at the same pa -- same beach at the same time. you see them in this grainy image, behind the closed restaurant. you can tell it's her. show was wearing the same sun dress. the next day they're back at the restaurant. a server notices her. that's just after 4 p.m. again, that's her in the sun dress and he in his khaki shorts. 6:15, giordano again, this time in a swimsuit. he claims he lost gardner about 15 minutes earlier. a retired fbi profiler. >> if i were interviewing him i would push him on here you are walking around like you don't really care and not trying to
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find the people on the other side of the doors. >> reporter: the restaurant is closed. giordano said he was trying to get help. he crisscrossed the bar area and finally leaving going around back. investigators said he appeared before all of these cameras as if to establish an alibi. >> you think the normal person would be beating on doors trying to find somebody. he's not conveying that behavior in this video. >> reporter: hold on a second. giordano said just because he didn't act excited doesn't mean he didn't murder guard nermt still no hard evidence linking giordano to the crime. he has yet to be charged with anything. just in from baltimore county limits -- police. tyrone jordan, a summer basketball coach is charged with inappropriately touching a 14-year-old boy.
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he as the coach for the hoops summer camp at the racket club. he is charged with sexually abusing a mine north. directs are investigating -- detectives are investigating the possibility of other victims. many homes are still standing in port deposit but some homeowners aren't be aluds lud -- allowed back home because the homes are deemed unsafe. we're a few weeks into the school year. some counties have had days to take off. anne arundel county may ask for a waiver for the two days it has used. other counties are deciding how they will handle the early days off. the nation marked the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. while many reflected on the tragedy, intelligence agencies
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were busy trying to prevent new threats from becoming a reality. well, candidates for the baltimore city mayor's race were out working the public ahead of tomorrow's primary election although current mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has a pretty significant lead. eleven eleven lead. roosevelt leftwich has more. >> who will win. that's still up in the area. polls show mayor stephanie rawlings-blake still in the lead. others say this is not over yet. top contenders are working on getting out the vote. >> i'm excited baltimore will be a comeback city, someone who will be investing into the young
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people. balance with downtown and uptown. >> people want change in baltimore. i keep hearing it as i knock on doors. as long as people come out and vote, we'll have a new mayor come september 13th. >> reporter: all the candidates say they will continue to do the last-minute work. she will make sure she gets that last-minute vote. we'll have a lot more coming up at six. after so much wild weather last week, last couple of weeks, now we have a quiet one, limited rain, isolated storms in central virginia but most of our state looking dry, calm, temperatures in the low 80s, a pleasant evening, pleasant late summer evening for another 10 days,
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70s. we talked about the one chance for rain. look to the weekend all coming up. >> thanks a lot. well, on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack people worked hard. we'll tell you when a man refused to let people check his bags. 80-150 new.
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some scary moments at the kansas city airport. passengers were on high alert. apparently a man refused to let airforce screeners search his carry on and that triggered a partial slowdown. >> wasn't sure what was going on but i was working around. >> the man turned out to be a former new york police officer was taken into authority. authorities found parts that could be used to make an expleasesive device in -- explosive device in his bag.
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fighter jets were called in to escort an american airlines flight from l.a. to new york yesterday after three passengers aroused suspicion. three people went into a bathroom on a plane together and stayed inside for a long time. after awhile they were asked to leave but refused. that's when the military jets were called in. >> for all intents and purposes it was a regular flight. >> the plane landed safely. turned out the passengers were not a threat but in made for a tense descent. a parade in mumbai turned tragic. people crowded on to balconies to get a look but one crumbled beneath their weight and crashed to the ground. one person was killed. five others were seriously hurt. an intimate look into former
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first lady jacqueline kennedy and her state of mind after jfk's assassination. the interview with the queen of camelot made public for the first time. where the eight republican candidate also meet tonight. we'll tell you what to expect. clark says bats can easily run for 250.
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the kennedy family has fastnated us for years, perhaps none more than former first lady jacqueline kennedy. she was a private person leading a public life. we have the very latest from los
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angeles. >> always come in before help -- help went to the office. >> reporter: it's jacqueline kennedy in her own words, a series of recordings never before heard until this diane sawyer exclusive. the year is 1964. a recently widowed first lad di describes her years in the white house, begging her husband to let her stay with him during the cuban missile crisis. >> i just want to be with you and i want to die with you and the children do, too. >> reporter: she also revealed her husband did not support a lynn done b. johnson president di. >> she found him amusing and warm hearted. >> reporter: the daughter
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compiled the unedited recordings. >> i can hear her words in my mind. i can't believe i said that. i think it's important to realize the value of the orioles presentation of history. once you start making changes what do you do. it's not my oral history. >> reporter: it show was life was like in the white house with young children. >> always thought this was so funny, that people used his bathroom. there were these floating animals, dunks and pink pigs. >> you can hear more of the exclusive audiotapes tomorrow night at 9 p.m. as diane sawyer reveals the conversation right here on abc2. pointerly kennedy herself
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pronounced it jacqueline. we'll have thoughts on the former first lady and why people are so fascinated with her. and the new back, jacqueline kennedy, that book hits the store shelves. all right. nice looking day on the harbor. we're enjoying decent september weather. how about that. we got it now. 82 degrees. humidity around 50%. take a look at some of the skies over the state, beautiful shot from robert w coleman, central baltimore, blue skies were the story. most spots seeing a few fair weather clouds going by. we got our camera shifted. it was blown to the right by hurricane irene.
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we don't have as good a view of the river. of course football season in full effect. maryland's most popular radar showing very limited weather across the region, a couple of storms way south towards fredericsburg, virginia, and that is it. upper 70s, low 80s. humidity levels middle of the road. that's not bad. that's not dry. regionally, a couple storms, virginia, virginia beach but most of maryland is staying dry and across the entire east coast very limited. yes, offshore we have a boundary. out to the west just high pressure, drier pattern. not bone dry but a drier pattern. the high pressure south and west and we'll look for improving
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weather into the day tomorrow. i think, anything, a carbon copy in the mid-80s. chances of rain limited. certainly tomorrow it looks like less than a 10% chance of a passing shower. wednesday the cool front passes through. the possibility of a couple showers. right now the indication would be more towards the delmarva region but too early to say. this gives you a guidance there could be a few showers comes wednesday afternoon. >> there's some activity in the tropics. puerto rico dealing with some effects from tropical storm maria. this storm is looking to track well out to sea, possibly affecting bermuda with tropical storm force conditions. all models keeping maria safely offshore even further offshore than katia. overnight 61, clear and cooler.
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tuesday 85 degrees. going to be a nice bounce back, should see mostly sunny skies, a warm and somewhat humid day and partly cloudy, staying nice and calm on the weather front. are there big changes? primarily temperature wise. yes, the chance for afternoon showers, maybe a thundershower west, but for the most part you notice the drop in temps. cool front comes through thursday. the cool fronts come in but the cool air doesn't come in behind that front for another day, so late this week there will be crisp days. >> no complaints about the forecast. >> glad to hear that. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. tonight the next chapter of the republican presidential race unfolds in florida. here for a preview with the cnn
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deputy political director. so, paul, what can we expect tonight? the last debate was a battle between romney and perry. >> it really was. i think we'll see round two tonight. we'll see history. this is the first ever tea party presidential debate. plus, the locations will be able to ask the candidates questions. they had a big role in the primary and mid-term elections. they will be very influence -- influential picking the next follow men knee. rick perry, the new guy on the block. they battle over jobs and social security. this is our brand-new p.o.
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look who's on the top of the field, per -- poll. look who's on the top of the field, rick perry. michele bachmann dropping down. >> why is florida so critical? >> remember what happened in 2000. florida has become a power player in the battle for the nomination. we see the candidates coming here a lot. there's another one. social security a big issue a lot of retire -- issue, a lot of retirees. >> one last question quickly. who needs to have a good night? >> let's go with bachmann.
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she has lost a lot of support. she needs to break out. her aides say she may be aggressive in going after rick perry. >> thank you. shifting to the other side of the fence, president obama is doing everything he can to sell his new jobs plan. republicans haven't gotten the words but they aren't saying no. the president's team sent it to congress today. >> when it comes to strengthening the economy and balancing our books, we have to decide what our priorities are -- tax loopholes for oil companies or put teachers back to work. >> the white house says it will save $447 billion. i'm game mi costello. coming up all new at 6 hurricane irene and why it's taking its
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toll on the chesapeake bay. mother nature took its toll, but we have tips so you don't get scammed. those stories and more when i see you at the top of the hour at 6.
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ress and well, today was only the second day this month that the stock market closed higher, seeing a lot of greefnlt the down jones -- grown. the dow jones rose and the s&p 500 closed up eight points. we got an important recall to share. ground turkey made by
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arkansas-based cargill recalled 185,000 pounds of the ground meat because of a possible salmonella contamination. if you got any ground turkey in your fridge or freezer check the label. if it says p963 it was packaged august 23rd, 24th, 30th, get rid of it. bank of america plans to cut 30,000 jobs. the company said it's part of an effort to save $5 billion. they are reorganizing and said the cuts will be a combination of attrition and getting rid of some unfilled positions. >> amazon doing pretty well. they are in talks that could lead to digital book service. people who want to subscribe would pay an annual fee and get access to a whole library of content. it's another indication that the publishing industry is headed in a digital direction. on the same lines, tablet
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sales are booming. sales through the end of the year projected to reach 51 million units. apple's ipad accounts for 70% of that. windows is launching its own tablet next year. a basketball coach is arrested and charged with sex abuse of a minor, where he coached and place say there may be more victims, coming up at 6:00 which starts right now. hop wants to fight crime, improve our schools, bring new business to towns and more. the city is about to go to the town. once the sun came out, you looked in your own backyard and noticed a lot of your stuff missing. tonight we checked the bay to fish out your belongings. instead of dancing with the stars, hines ward


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